The Best Halloween Decoration Ideas – Easy DIY Halloween

The best Halloween decorations do not have to be the ever-present glow-in-the-dark hanging skeletons or the horrific mummies that scream as you walk by. Halloween is also referred to as the summer’s end, the Samhain, the Witches night, the All hallow’s eve, the snap-apple night or the lambswool. It is one of the oldest holidays in the world.

The roots of this festival can be traced back to the Christian and pagan festivals, that celebrated the inextricable connection between life and seasonal cycles. Today, this festival is celebrated in various forms in different places across the world. The Halloween is observed on 31 October every year.

The holiday is until celebrated in the modern world in an array of dichotomies and is a delight for both the grownups and the children. The event prompts private both public exhibitionism and private religious observance, it also blends mass marketing with personal imagination. The Halloween is characterized by a mystery and magic and has survived industrial, economic, religious as well as cultural changes.

The Best Halloween Decoration Ideas – Easy DIY Halloween

While choosing the best decorations for this festival can be a bit challenging, it is important in making the event livelier and memorable. Having the best decorations for Halloween also increases the chances of success of the event.

With the appropriate decorations, you can easily turn your house into a memorable one trick theater for your guests. The majority of these decorations appear to be rejected props from a horror movie.

To make the yard as well as the interior of the house scary, you should use things that are really scary in the real life. As time goes by, Halloween decorations have become more elaborate and sophisticated.

The best thing about these decorations is that you can even do it on your own rather than having to buy them. The following are some of the best Halloween decorations you may need to use in your house, yard, office or even car.

Halloween Bats

In the olden days, it was a tradition to light bonfires when the last harvest was brought in or at the end of the summer. As for the magical people, including witches, this was an integral part of their end-of-the-year holiday celebration. For them, such bonfires provided warmth and light. In addition to this, the fire was also used to ward off evil.

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This fire attracted many flying insects hence attracting hungry bats. As such, when this fire was burning, it was normal to notice many bats flying around. As a result, bats are recognized as a Halloween symbol. In preparation for this festival, you should hang one of these rubber bats on your front porch, tree branches in the yard or even from the ceiling of the house.

Haunted Fireplace

Many homes have fireplaces; however, few people take advantage of them with regards to Halloween decorations. Before decorating the fireplace, you should first clean it thoroughly to eliminate dirt and soot. Some of the best Halloween decorations that you may use to make your fireplace scary are:

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  • Hanging legs
  • Mantle scarf
  • Hanging skeleton legs
  • Thunder and lightning effect
  • Cob webs
  • Halloween wreath
  • Fireplace façade
  • Lighted mantle garland

Creepy Halloween Cloth

These shredded, tattered, distressed and torn looking cloths have been in use for many years during the Halloween. This type of cloth can create an impression of a dilapidated or deserted place in your home. If used appropriately, this piece of decoration can make your home look creepy. For that haunted house look, this creepy cloth may be hanged or placed on an array of things. Some of the places where you may use this cloth include:

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  • Hanging over doorways
  • Hanging over windows
  • In the corners of your home
  • Hanging from or on the ceiling of the house
  • Draping it over furniture
  • Attached to tombstones

Halloween Scarecrow

Over the years, scarecrows have become some of the best Halloween decorations. An array of scary scarecrows may be used inside or outside the house to add to the scary effect, required for this festival. Clowns are considered to be very scary for both adults and kids.

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While these are some of the best Halloween decorations, other decorations may also be used to add to the creepy and scary look of your home. These other decorations include Halloween bathroom decor, Haunted curtains, lighted pumpkin walkway, bloody bathroom massacre, Halloween clocks, spooky Halloween table, Halloween flags and banners and Halloween beacon.

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